OnePlus 6 Baseus® Ultimate 360° GKK Full Protection Back Case

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 OnePlus 6

For your OnePlus 6 here comes 3 in 1 Dual Hybrid Double Dip Hard Back Cover Case. This shock absorbing case is a 3 piece design; 1 center body that holds your phone and 2 separable top and bottom nodes. Complete protection is given as it offers 360-degree protection and absorbs shock from drops and thuds. Even the camera lens is protected as it is higher than the camera surface. It is produced by a very precise injection molding machine. Installation and removal are easy. 

Product Features:

  • This cover is a perfect match for your OnePlus and comes with sleek edges as well as Glossy Finish Single Layer Brushed TPU.
  • It can be easily installed and removed, gives a great feel when held. Provides protection from dumps, fingerprints and scratches. 
  • Raised lip protection provides resistance to phone camera from scratches. 
  • It comes with bumpers that have anti-shock cushion tech. which makes your phone shock resistant. 
  • Never makes your phone look bulky because of its sleek design.
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