iPhone 7 Plus Electronic Magnetic Wireless Edition Aluminium Back Case

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 iPhone 7 Plus
Electronic Auto-Fit Magnetic Wireless Glass Case For iPhone 7 Plus. This super slim magnetic adsorption back case for your iPhone 7 Plus is here. It is made from 9H temper glass cover and A grade aluminum frame. For stronger suction force and steady adsorption, it has multiple magnets. This protects your phone from drops. It doesn't interfere with connections. 


Product Description

  • It is Ultra Thin and light, you can take easily.
  • Designed without any properties that will block your GPS, Wi-Fi, or mobile signal.
  • All the functions are easily accessed. 
  • 9H tempered glass back cover, transparent, ultra strong.
  • To protect the camera lens it has resistance gap and raised lip design. 
  • Provides all-around 360-degree protection from drops, bumps, & scratches. 
  • Suitable for high-end customers. 
  • Aluminum Metal with Rigid Plastic effectively avoid blocking signal.
  • Fits perfectly and no difficulty in removing. 
  • Perfectly molded in a fashionable design. 
  • This case is made from tough polycarbonate (PC) + 9H hardness glass + aluminum metal. 
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