Apple Wrist Watch Band Watch Classic 42mm (Watch Not Included)
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Apple Wrist Watch Band Watch Classic 42mm (Watch Not Included)

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Apple Watch® has crafted their watches from premium quality nylon which is durable and gives a soft and class finish. Available size for the watch is 42 mm. The band length is 140 mm/80 mm (8.66″) as well as a thickness of 1.8 mm. To fit most of the wrist sizes it has 11 adjustable holes on the band. 

Product Description:

  • It has a band size of 42 mm small/med. and can fit normally to a wrist size of 140-190 mm.
  • Band is made from fine quality nylon band. More than 500 threads are woven together in a unique technique. Comfy and breathable band for a better experience. 
  • Thick and durable clasp designed from stainless steel. Perfectly cut holes on the band for best fitting. 
  • It has a total length of 8.43 inches and an adjustable range of 2.72 inches. Plus thickness about 0.13 inches and weight 34.1 grams 
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