Baseus 2in1 Audio Cable Adapter Earphone Cable Splitter 3.5mm Jack (Charging + Music)

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 Headphones & Earphones
  • Totally made for your IPhone. Without even removing the cover you can perform all the functions in your phone. 
  • With 8 Pin and 3.5 mm female ports, it is possible to charge your phone and  listen to music at the same time. 
  • If you want to enjoy your favourite music in its full quality, without any destruction, then it can be a good choice. It has 3.5 mm headphone jack which lets you enjoy music to the fullest. 
  • In-built smart chip is also present which lets the adapter read mobile phone's audio data quickly and provides fast and constant transmission. It provides less noise and improved reliability of sound. Sturdy and not easily breakable which protects the core of wire. 
  • Crafted with aluminium alloy material. It ensures durability as well as no rust. 
  • Compatible with iOS 10 and above. It adapts with upgraded iOS on its own. 
  • Cable has a total length of 120 mm and can carry 2.4 A current. 


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