Baseus® iPhone 7 Plus 5D Back Screen Protector Tempered Glass
iphone 7 Plus Back Tempered

Baseus® iPhone 7 Plus 5D Back Screen Protector Tempered Glass

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Baseus® brings you glass screen protectors for your IPhone 7+. The ReVolt Torpedo rear 5D curved glass screen protector is a perfect fit for your phone. Its bezel-less and smooth design is maintained by the glass protector. 

Product Description

  • Modified frame curved edges that protect your phone from dust and also its edges from breaking. The display area is totally covered by the high tempered glass body.
  • Any scratch from keys, knives or any other hard substance is protected because of the 9H hardness screen protector. 
  • For high-definition view clearing it has high-transparency. All the sweats, oil and greasy fingerprints are resisted because of the oleo-phobic layer present on the surface of phone. 
  • Guaranteed brand new with perfectly laser cut screen protecting glass, beautifully polished and 5D rounded glass. 
  • To protect the screen from bubbles and maintain its touch sensitivity, there's Silicone bubble-free adhesive that sticks to the phone screen and doesn't leave any gaps. 
  • 7 days return & replacement applicable to this item.
  • Instant replacement available for damaged products.
  • Return & replacement not applicable to used products.


Delivery time as per location:

  • India: 2 to 4 working days
  • USA: 3 to 7 working days
  • United Kingdom: 3 to 7 working days
  • Canada: 3 to 7 working days
  • Other Location: 5 to 10 working days