OnePlus 6 Bestsuit® 360° Full Body Protection Anti-Glare Screen Protector

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This 360-degree screen protector for your OnePlus 6 covers your phone screen fully. It is made from high-quality USA materials. It protects your phone from shock and is anti-glare.  

Product Description

  • Covers the phone screen fully and provides 360-degree protection. 
  • You can read the phone screen clearly even when you read it in sunlight which makes it anti-glare. Allows 99% light transmittance 
  • It prevents the screen from breaking because of the soft anti-shock technology. 
  • This cover is hydrophobic as it keeps your phone screen protected from oil and water. 
  • Allows 99% light to transmit through and shows the picture clearly.
  • It has a smooth surface as it is made from high-quality material and special processes.  
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