iPhone 7/7 Plus Ducati Corse® Carbon Fibre Rugged Case

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 iPhone 7,iPhone 7 Plus

The carbon fibre rugged case features MERC 3™ technology. It is made from aerospace grade carbon fibre along with hard poly-carbonate. This creates a framework that resists twisting and bending. It is co-moulded to the top and bottom crowns made from elastomeric TPU which provides high level of protection. 


Product Features:
  • Engineered complex materials that support poly-carbonate sub-frame which will make a framework to resist bending and twisting. 
  • The Co-moulded elastomeric TPU crown is present which provides high protection. 
  • Aerospace grade carbon fibre used in MERC 3™ reinforced chassis design.

  • There are Fast Tap™ Buttons that provides protection to your iPhone controls. Also you can use volume and on/off functions very fast and easily. 
  • It has passed all the military specific drop-tests. 
  • Shows compatibility for iPhone 7.
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