Galaxy C9 Pro 360° Ultra Protection Case

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 Galaxy C9 Pro

Rugged and sturdy back cases designed for your Galaxy C9 Pro. The 4 point gravity gives solid protection against drops. Shock absorbing quality makes the case shock resistant. Shock protection shield build into the back and sides of case. This cover is made from fine quality materials and precise lasers which preserves your phone. 

Product Features:

  • Provides protection from dust, drop and shock. 
  • Camera is protected as the level of case is higher than the camera. 
  • It can be easily installed or removed. 
  • Electroplated Chrome nodes on top and bottom give your phone luxury look. 
  • Perfectly fits Galaxy C9 Pro. 
  • Lightweight and shock resistant. 
  • Very sturdy. 
  • Gives a comfy feel. 
  • All ports can be easily accessed. 
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