Galaxy J8 Heat Dissipation Ultra Thin Hard Back Case
Galaxy J8 case

Galaxy J8 Heat Dissipation Ultra Thin Hard Back Case

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This cover is designed for Galaxy J8. It provides 360° protection to the phone. Apart from that, it gives stability to the phone and improves its appearance. Protects the phone from accidental thuds and keeps the phone cool by heat dissipation method. Criss-cross design to make the phone comfortable for gripping. 

Product Description

  • Unique corner-cut design, resistant to fingerprint and slipping. 
  • To keep the phone cool it is made with heat dissipation design.
  • Perfect cut-outs for buttons as well as other slots.
  • Created from High Quality PC material.
  • Provides resistance against scratches, bumps etc.
  • Criss-cross design for comfortable grip. 
  • Highly compatible with Galaxy J8.
  • Provides 360° protection and available in several colors.
  • 7 days return & replacement applicable to this item.
  • Instant replacement available for damaged products.
  • Return & replacement not applicable to used products.
  • In case of returns ₹125 is deducted for handling expenses.


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