Galaxy S9 Genuine Anti Spy 3D Privacy Specialist HD Tempered Glass
Galaxy S9 Privacy Tempered Glass

Galaxy S9 Genuine Anti Spy 3D Privacy Specialist HD Tempered Glass

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This fine quality screen protector is available is in both portrait as well as landscape modes. You can view your phone screen while facing it on front and any person viewing your screen at 45 degree will not be able to view the screen. So this tempered glass provides you privacy. Rather than privacy it makes your phone look amazing! Premium quality glass is used for its making and fine quality bubble-free adhesive is used to make it easy to install. It is a perfect cut glass tempered glass that is made with refined and round edges. It fits your Galaxy S9 perfectly. It resists scratches, fingerprint, oil and water marks. 

Why Should You Buy?

  • Complete privacy is provided as you can view your phone screen under 90 degrees but other cannot do the same under 45 degrees. 
  • Provides edge to edge coverage. 
  • Reveals high touch sensitivity with smoothness as well as interoperability plus 4D touch sensors. 
  • For having surface hardness, amazing adhesive strength it has Nano Primer Coating. Not only has this but it provided protection from corrosion and scratches. 
  • It is made from 9H hardness glass that makes the tempered shock-resistant. 
  • It gives you 100% transparency and not only that but the original experience of the screen protector.
  • Because of the hydrophobic Nano coating it resists oil and water. Also because of the anti-smudge property so any marks on the screen can be cleared easily.
  • It makes your phone screen look new because of the AF Nano Primer.  

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