iPhone 6/6S OICGO® 5D Tempered Glass

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Oplore Electronics
 iPhone 6/6S

Oplore brings you 5D tempered glass for your iPhone 6/6S. It is made from premium quality material. The latest high-tech manufacturing equipments are used for making this. It has five effects of strengthened glass membrane, super scratch resistant, wear, explosion-proof, and waterproof surface. By improving the visual effects it can provide the high touch Screen Protector sensitivity. 



Product Features:
  • Guarantees no rainbow effect. 
  • It sticks to the screen fully. 
  • Fully glues screen protector. 
  • Provides excellent protection. 
  • Guaranteed authentic product. 
  • Provides protection from scratch, air bubble and glare. 
  • Super slim and soft touch. 
  • Seamless design and fits your phone perfectly. 
  • Fine adhesive. 
  • Offers crystal clarity, a 0.3 mm thick screen protector with oil coating. 
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