iPhone 8 Plus Original Luxurious Clear View DRV Flip Leather Case
iPhone 8 Plus flip case

iPhone 8 Plus Original Luxurious Clear View DRV Flip Leather Case

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This flip case with plated mirror front won't only bring great protection for your iPhone 8+, but it will also keep its line and fashionable look while providing an abundance of utility as well. This great iPhone 8+ case features see-through front side that will allow you to check and see all the important information from your device's display without opening the cover.

Product Description

  • All the functions of iPhone 8+ are easily accessed. 
  • Handy versatile back cover with a class design makes your phone look stylish. 
  • For comfortable media viewing it can change into a stand also. 
  • You can check important messages and notifications without even opening the cover. 
  • It emphasize on the design of your phone. 
  • Provides protection against dust and scratches. 


  • Non-refundable product. 
  • Instant replacement available for damaged products.
  • Return & replacement not applicable to used products.


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