iPhone X 100% Original Ultra Slim Soft Silicone Logo Cut Case
iPhone X Case

iPhone X 100% Original Ultra Slim Soft Silicone Logo Cut Case

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A premium quality, guaranteed original soft silicon back cover is here for your iPhone X. It's very easy to install or remove it. In addition with providing a great grip it provides protection from bumps, scratches and dirt. If you want a good match for your iPhone X then here it is! All the controls and function can be easily accessed because of the precise cut-outs. Not only has this but it come with a shock absorbing cushion tech. which protects the phone from accidental falls. Even charging port is protected from dust because of the dust proof tech.

Product Features:

  • A premium quality brand new case. 
  • Best quality hard PC cover. 
  • Dual layered shockproof case. 
  • Tough Lighting Gradient Color case for iPhone X.
  • All the features and controls can be accessed easily. 
  • Provides protection from scratch, shock and skid. 
  • Covers your phone screen fully. 
  • It is designed from Leather Texture PC Material and fine quality Soft TPU.
  • 7 days return & replacement applicable to this item.
  • Instant replacement available for damaged products.
  • Return & replacement does not apply to used products.
  • In case of returns ₹125 is deducted for handling expenses.


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