Redmi Y2 100% Original Standing Clear View Mirror Flip Case

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 Redmi Y2

This flip case with plated mirror front won't only bring great protection for your Redmi Y2, but it will also keep its line and fashionable look while providing an abundance of utility as well. This great Redmi Y2 case features see-through front side that will allow you to check and see all the important information from your device's display without opening the cover. 

Product Description

  • All the functions of Redmi Y2 are easily accessed. 
  • Handy versatile back cover with a class design makes your phone look stylish. 
  • For comfortable media viewing, it can change into a stand also. 
  • You can check important messages and notifications without even opening the cover. 
  • It emphasizes the design of your phone. 
  • Provides protection against dust and scratches. 
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